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Unlike almost every other fast-food restaurant in the United States, Whataburger isn’t a chain store anymore: it’s a true Americana cultural symbol.

Established during the big boom of American drive-ins and fast-food restaurants in the 1950’s, it gradually became the 8th largest chain store in the United States, with over 730 restaurants spread across the country.

Founded in Texas by Harmon Dobson, the company was considered a ‘Texas Treasure’ by the 77th Texas Legislature in 2000. Whataburger is such a rock star company that it even sells t-shirts, caps, mugs and tons of other apparel. After all, this is America at its best.

whataburger-job-application-onlineThe company’s main core is, of course, hamburgers.

Classics like the Whataburger, Double Meat Whataburger and the Triple (!) Meat Whataburger are standards of the house. They all have the same ingredients: 1, 2 or 3 beef patties, fresh chopped onions, tomato, lettuce and pickles. Other standards are the Jalapeño and Cheese (common as Texas has a great Mexican food tradition), featuring 1 beef patty, fresh chopped onions and jalapeños, tomato, lettuce and cheese, and the Bacon and Cheese Whataburger, served with tomato, fresh chopped onions, lettuce, cheese and fried bacon strips.

The great classics, though, are the Whataburger Patty melt, with two beef patties, grilled onions, Monterey Jack cheese and Creamy Pepper Sauce, the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich, made with Three chicken breast strips, Honey BBQ Sauce and Monterey Jack cheese served on Texas toast or a toasted five-inch bun. The company also focuses on some side products, like grilled chicken sandwiches, Chicken Fajita Tacos and fried chicken strips and bites.

The positions available at Whataburger are many and varied, from general store manager to team member, and then some: IT Analyst, Marketing, Business Coordinator, Equipment technician… the opportunities are endless and always in demand.

What is great about Whataburger’s way of business is the fundamental principle that every employee has almost the same perks and benefits of any other, no matter the position. The training the company provides is quite valuable, as it invests on the employee like the family member he is.

The perks associated with Whataburger are just good. Whataburger job benefits include:

  • Competitive Weekly Salary
  • Monthly Success-based Bonuses
  • Paid Vacation
  • Sick Pay
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Discounted Meals
  • Training Opportunities
  • Health & Retirement Benefits
  • Leadership Development

Very few other companies can claim such benefits for their employees, but it makes sense in the end and Whataburger has been family-ran for more than 70 years now. Give Whataburger a chance to give you a chance and become part of this family today.

Whataburger Application Online

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