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Tim Hortons is the biggest casual fast food chain store in Canada. How big? How about “overtook McDonalds” big? That’s certainly no small task.

To supplant the worlds most well-known brand is nothing short of amazing, and their main items on the menu is coffee and donuts!

The company was founded in 1964 in Ontario, Canada, by the late ice hockey legend Tim Hortons and his associate Jim Charade, and some years after, Tim Hortons joined forces with investor Ron Joyce.

In 1974 Tim Hortons died in a tragic car crash, and Ron Joyce bought his shares of the company from his wife soon after.

After 1974, the only word this chain has known is SUCCESS. Franchises sprouted like beans in no time, and these days, Tim Hortons alone accounts for 22.6% of the entire fast food revenues in Canada, with more than 4,300 stores in Canada and the United States.

The number one product at a Tim Hortons restaurant is undoubtedly coffee. Hot and plenty!

The chain is known to serve an Arabica coffee pot in less than 20 minutes, or else the coffee will be poured out and a new pot of fresh coffee will be made.

And what goes along best with coffee? Donuts do, of course. TONS OF DONUTS!

You’ve got the Apple Fritter, the Chocolate Dip, the Honey Dip, the Vanilla Dip, the Blueberry Fritter, the Dutchie, the Chocolate Glazed, the Double Chocolate, the Old Fashion Plain, the Old Fashion Glazed, the Sour Cream Plain, the Strawberry Vanilla, the Strawberry, Boston Cream, the Canadian Maple, the Sour Cream Glazed, the Honey Cruller, the Blueberry and the Walnut Crunch.

Yes, it’s nuts, and it’s what makes Hortons what it is. Timbits, Muffins, Cookies, pastries, etc. are also available.

Some other products that made Tim Hortons famous over the years are the snacks it makes, like the Grilled Paninis, including the Tuscan and the Ham and Cheese, Sandwiches and Wraps and also Hot Bowls, consisting of 16 premium steaming soups for all tastes and that go exceptionally well with other snacks.

Tim Hortons is a bit different than the regular fast food company, so much so that it has Children foundations, environmental events, local programs, sponsorships, aboriginal relations and animal welfare consciousness, etc., and this alone is a motive of pride to work at Hortons.

There are thousands of available jobs at this chain store, ranging from restaurant to executive. Apart from this, constant training, advancement positions and a sense of security is offered by the company.

Tim Hortons job benefits include:

  • flexible schedules
  • convenient locations
  • competitive wages
  • free uniforms
  • advancement opportunities
  • incentive and recognition programs
  • health benefits
  • dental benefits
  • the Tim Hortons scholarship program and community involvement

Tim Hortons Application Online

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