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Starbucks was founded in 1971 and specializes in roasting and retailing whole bean and grounded coffee, tea and spices. Initially, they opened only a single store located in Seattle’s world famous Pike Place market.

Today, Starbucks owns and operates over 23,000 locations in 64 countries.

The company offers a number of exceptional products including more than 30 blends of single origin premium coffee.


Handcrafted beverages such as fresh brewed coffee, Starbucks refreshers, and hot and iced espresso beverages.

They also offer fresh food such as sandwiches, wraps, oatmeal, pastries, cookies, cakes, yogurt fruit cups, and salads.

Merchandise proprietary to Starbucks and consumer products such as coffee and tea and other ready to drink products.

Job opportunities in Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the best paying companies in America with a variety of jobs from which you can apply for. Starbucks jobs are not concentrated in one department which makes it an advantage to the employees as a result of reduced supervision.

Some of the jobs include:

  • Baristas whose duties taking customer orders and making all drinks on their menu. Also, they deal with meeting and relating with new customers on daily basis while marketing the company’s products.
  • Store managers who manage the stores operations and also accountable to related financial consequences. They also train and develop the partners in the store ensuring quality customer service at work.
  • Shift supervisors are responsible of directing work during the shifts and ensuring that the customer’s get the best experience. These are among the most popular Starbucks jobs that are always available


Starbucks job benefits

Starbucks offers a competitive employee benefits package depending on the whether you are a part time or full time employee.

  • Entitled to the total pay package they call “special blend” and designed just for you.
  • More benefits and perks for employees working for more than 20 hours per week.
  • Reduction of expenses to those in school since they offer discounts and savings on tuition and text books.
  • 401k
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Customer tips

Be smart and employ today to bring your struggles to an end.


Starbucks online application

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