RN Careers: How to Become a Nurse

how to become a nurse rn careers

First, let’s talk about the job description of a nurse

You will be performing many numerous tasks. Can you imagine hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior care homes, health centers, etc…without nurses? That is inconceivable! These place wouldn’t be able to function properly and smoothly without the extremely invaluable help of nurses.

A nurse must work with many different people from all different kinds of backgrounds.

Looking after patients while recording charts of behavior as well as change in condition.

They will constantly be using medical equipment of various kinds

Nurses help with running diagnostic tests of patients.

They constantly work as a team and meet with physicians and supervising certified nursing assistants. Just as nurses assist doctors, nurses also have nursing assistants to help them called Acute Care Nurse Practitioners.

They work under pressure with sporadic emergencies such as people who have been in all kinds of accidents, heart attacks, mishaps, or even dealing with death.

These things are just the tip of the iceberg in what nurses deal with on a day to day basis.

As you can imagine, a lot of training is needed to become a nurse and start your rn careers.

Education Qualifications Needed To Become A Nurse

Depending on the level of expertise in the nursing field you will follow different educational paths. For example, you may want to specialize in hospice, or in critical care units, or maybe assist surgeons in surgery.

To obtain the very basic nurse position as a registered nurse or (RN), you must complete a 4 year (BSN) Bachelor Of Science In Nursing in which you would obtain an associates degree.

You must obtain a license from the National Council Licensure Examination For Registered Nurses in order to be licensed and there are renewal procedures that must be followed for employment. These vary from state to state. Some may even require continual education classes and checking background history so you will always have to stay plugged in to the rules and regulations of the state you wish to become a nurse in.

Today the education required for nurses is much more advanced than years previous. Nurses are required to know all about humanities and data analysis as well as psychological and sociological expertise.

What Are The Physical Requirements Of The Nursing Practice

Nurses are required to stand on their feet for many hours throughout the day. There will always be something to do or someone to take care of.

There are multiple bending and lifting periods throughout the day.

Lifting people off beds/tables and assisting handicapped individuals is continual.

Nurses have to be in great health physically and mentally to do all those things.

Moving machines as well as escorting people in wheelchairs.

They must follow strict rules about protecting themselves against viruses, infections, as well as disease. For many individuals have many health problems and the nurse will exposing themselves to all of these illnesses. Vaccines and immunizations may be necessary.

Salary Of Nurses From State To State

Salaries do vary from state to state depending on location as well as the knowledge and expertise a nurse has.

Salaries range from $70,000.00 per year to 100,000.00 annually.

The average hourly wage for a nurse is $33.00.

Most nurses salaries are based on location. For example; a nurse who works in California would make $100,000.00 whereas a nurse in Oregon may make $60,000.00 for the same job requirements because of a higher cost of living and state pay rates.

Paid training isn’t a common supply with nursing and most individuals in training and most persons hold a job to pay for the training. Applying for loans or student loans for nursing is an option for most individuals.

Benefits that most nurses receive are paid time off as well as medical benefits of insurance. Part time nurses do not reap the same rewards as full time positions.

Interview Tips For RN Nursing Positions

When you apply to become a nurse you will be asked many different questions from your training, skills, prior job histories, and maybe your interests as an individual. You should always be dressed in professional attire such as a suit or an office setting attire for an important meeting. Strictly professional, modest, clean, and accessories kept to a minimum.

Examples of RN Registered Nurse Interview Questions

“What made you decide to become a nurse?”

“What would you do if a patient threw something at you?”

“Would you become a doctor if given a chance?”

“Do you prefer to work by yourself or as a team?

“How would you deal with a doctor who was acting inappropriately?”

“Are you able to handle high amounts of stress?”

RN Nurse Interview Responses

Your responses are what will make you or break you.

Be confident. Be humble. Be respectful.

Treat the interview as if you are the one interviewing the interviewer. By this, I mean; ask them questions. For example; “Why would I want to work here at this hospital?” “What things do you provide nurses?” “How is your staff treated here?” Asking questions shows you are serious in the place and position and you will look educated as well as knowledgeable. This sets a great employee apart from the rest.

With all that in mind, pursuing an RN Career is extremely rewarding knowing that you will be helping people get better and potentially helping save lives. It’s a very noble decision to become a registered nurse!

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