Police Careers: How to Become a Policeman

police careers become a policeman

It’s every little boys dream to become a policeman and to put bad guys away. Police officers are respected government officials with an understanding and a desire to uphold the law of the state and for the well-being of the community that they are responsible for. Becoming a law official, is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a large scheme of helping citizens and maintaining peace.

A police officer performs general and various work that results in protection of life and property by enforcing the law and local area ordinances. Superior officers will assign different jobs that can be anything from parking violations, patrolling, traffic regulations and investigative duties in ongoing cases within the district. Special assignments may be handed down depending on specialized abilities and knowledge. Sometimes, assistance is needed in interrogations, escorting prisoners to and from assigned places. Higher up ranks are watching performance for reports, personal inspection and promotions.

Education Requirements to Becoming a Policeman:

An incoming police officer to the academy needs to possess a high school diploma or a GED. He or She must be a U.S. citizen (for US residents only). You have to be at least 21 years old, and have a valid driver’s license. It is required to pass a criminal background check, and to be able to pass written tests in writing, reading, and basic police law.

It is then necessary to be tested on physical stamina in rigorous fitness exams and to qualify at the police interviews. If all is passed satisfactorily then the potential law enforcer is sent off to pass the police academy.

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Physical Condition to Becoming a Policeman:

It is vitally important for a police officer to be in excellent physical shape due to a need to be athletic in the ability to apprehend a suspect in a case that is being belligerent or trying to overcome handcuffs. When a perpetrator runs from apprehension, it is required to run after him to get him under control and in custody. Therefore, the incoming requirements are to be able to pass the fitness exam, as well as have a medical exam, prior to acceptance.

Policeman Salary And Benefits:

Police Officers work is vigorous, and often times, dangerous work. Therefore, a comprehensive pay packet is offered to those skilled and educated to perform their duties efficiently. With paid training, while in police academy, and higher pay on the job, it can be a very well paid career. Starting out in the academy averages around $32K a year, followed by up to $70K per year on the job. Pay does vary by State though. Police also have wonderful medical and dental coverage with approximately 96 hours of sick leave paid annually. Accruing annual vacation is generally between 80-180 hours per year. A typical work week is 4 days for police officers. Full salary pension after 30 years of service and annual cost of living increases. There is also potential early retirement for military personnel. Extra bonuses per year can also be given for bilingual officers and for holiday pay. Also, it is a bonus to be able to carry a firearm with you everywhere.

Tips For Interview for Becoming a Policeman:

The interview process is single-handedly the most important part of becoming a police officer. Not only are the answers to your questions important, but so is body language, manner of sitting, and the ability to speak clearly and concise.

The number one question that will be asked is “Why do you want to be a police officer?”. Never answer this with, “So I can carry a gun.” A little humor, and generally obvious, but really it has been known to happen. Also, standard answers here are usually along the lines of wanting all your life to be in the police force and wanting to be a humanitarian. You want to rise above and stand out, so this is your time to speak your characteristics and brag about accomplishments. Mention if you were a boy scout, what active involvements in volunteering you have had.

Your strengths and weaknesses will be asked about, as well as how up to this point in your life, you have prepared yourself for a job in law enforcement.

The best of you needs to be given and the answers should be thoroughly ready when asked. Your demeanor and ability to focus is also key. Do not fidget, sit properly, do not fold your legs or cross your arms. Address the panel with Sir and Ma’am and look into their eyes. Do not mumble or um and ah in your sentences.

Other Considerations to Becoming a Policeman:

A job in police work entails a lot of passion and goodwill towards others when you sometimes do not feel like being compassionate. This sort of job works good for those who are introverted and sensitive to the needs of others but with assertion and dedication to upholding the law.

There are dangers, of course. Being a policeman means that you will constantly be put in dangerous and violent situations that can affect you and your family. Something to consider when pursuing a career as a policeman.

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