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KFC or Kentucky fried chickens in full is an American company founded by Harland sanders in 1930 under the name sanders court and cafe. Their headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and they are currently the second largest restaurant chain in the world.


The restaurant grew and began setting up international outlets by the year 1964 in England. Since then it has grown to other countries like Mexico, Jamaica and even China where it became the first western restaurant chain to open in China.

In 1966 the company went public after being sold to John Y. brown the future governor of Kentucky, since then it has shifted ownership from John to Jack C. Massey then to spirits distributor Heublein, R. J Reynolds and PepsiCo.

The original KFC product was pressurized fried chicken pieces seasoned with Colonel Sanders secret recipe of his secret spices kept secret up to now.

KFC job opportunities

KFC jobs are offered worldwide in their outlets where job applicants must at least be of a minimum age of sixteen years in order to be accepted for the work.

Most of the career opportunities available in their outlets are managing and supervising over other employees roles. These managerial and supervisory jobs require a minimum age requirement of eighteen years.

The other jobs mostly referred to as team member positions available include being a cashier, making sure the restaurant is clean, their food baskets are filled always and also operating drive through windows.


KFC job benefits

Working with the Kentucky Fried Chicken comes with a lot of job benefits that vary depending on your job description.

Their employee benefits may include:

  • Competitive monetary compensation
  • Proper and decent work uniforms
  • Meal discounts at their restaurants
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Health and wellness privileges
  • Financial planning
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Medical
  • Tuition assistance


KFC jobs also offer their employees world class training in their fields of work. Apply at KFC and build a great foundation and learn to work as a team.


KFC online application

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