Job Interview Tips for Teens

As a teenager, it is important to understand that there are minimal differences between teen interviews and interviews that professional candidates take. In that case, learning the essentials and tips that will enable you to make a positive impression on a prospective employer is vital.

People who get jobs after their first interviews always know the trick. They dress appropriately, answer questions in the correct way and they always have relevant questions to the interviewers. Does that look simple? Not always. When we are told to dress appropriately, what does that imply? The next part of the article will address that.

Tip #1. Appropriate attire

One of the most important requirements for successful teen interviewing is appropriate dressing. Appropriate dressing is a wide area. It touches on what we should wear and what we should avoid if we should emerge victors after the interview. Dressing for any interview should be casual. The everyday clothes that we wear when we are out with our friends are inappropriate and they should be avoided at all cost.


On the other hand, we should keep our hair clean. Male teenagers are advised to shave their hair. Our attire is very indicative of our personality types and it should never be taken for granted. Inappropriate attire may make the interviewers to think otherwise about us and this will negatively affect the outcome of the interview.

Simply put, a good rule of thumb is to dress up with your “A” game, like in your Sunday best.

Tip #2. Answering interview questions

Most teenagers fear job interview questions to an extent that most of them are tempted to avoid interviews. Interview questions are mandatory in any interview and people should learn how to cope with it. Coping with the questions does not mean avoiding interviews. It means looking for ways and tips that can enable us to respond to the questions correctly and confidently.

Typical Interview Questions and Possible Answers

1. “Tell me a little about yourself”

This is a tricky question that most interviewees fail to answer appropriately. When asked this question, the interviewee is expected to focus on his/her skills as well as interests. An interviewer who asks such a question intends to know the interviewees current and future plans. In that case, a person is expected to give answers such as ‘ I see myself being a productive person’ or I strive to achieve my career goals’.To answer this question correctly, avoid mentioning anything about your past e.g. childhood games or soccer awards. Your answer should also be brief and clear.

2. “Why do you want to work for us”

This question is meant to give the interviewee a chance to explain the reasons why he/she decided to apply for the job. When answering this question, don’t mention anything about the pay that is being offered. Focus on what you want to bring to the organization. A simple answer to this question can be ‘ I have the right skills that will benefit the institution’.

3. “Why should we hire you”

Another trick question! When answering it, be honest. Try as much as you can to convince the employer that you are the best person for the job. It is the answer that you give with respect to this question that will enable you to gain a competitive advantage over other job candidates. Be sure to impress the employer too but do not overdo it. Be realistic and open minded. possible answers that you can give with respect to this question include ‘ I am a result oriented person, or ‘I am a strong team player’.

Whether you are interviewing for mcdonalds jobs, to be an intern, or a career type job like to be a policeman or nurse, you need to answer this question as if you are the best person for the job.
4. “What are your strengths and weakness”

Most candidate find this challenging because their lie about their character and personality. All human beings have strengths and weaknesses. Interviewees normally tend to give more of their strengths and less or even no weaknesses, which is unrealistic and it may contribute to our failure. In answering this question, interviewees need not give answers that relate to the job. A little deviation from what the job asks is normal. ‘I am a good time keeper’, ‘I can work under pressure’ are possible answer that can be given as strengths. Weaknesses can include, ‘ i get discouraged when I fail to attain my goals’

Tip#3. Preparedness

Showing up for the interview is not enough, we should also be prepared. We should always understand that preparing in advance increases the chance of making a better impression to the interviewers.

Tip#4. Body language

Our body language reveals a lot about ourselves. It is of essence to behave well during and after the interview. Our body language should portray good character. The same thing applies to our communication – avoid using slang or inappropriate vocabulary when answering questions.

Tip#5. Be On time

Be punctual! We cannot stress this enough! To wrap up all the tips that have been described above, interviewers should be made aware that failure to be on time to any interview may lead to an automatic disqualification. Lateness also contributes to loss of self-esteem and confidence which will reduce our chances of success.

Be assured that most everyone going to the same interview WILL BE ON TIME AND SO SHOULD YOU!


Preparation for teen interview is a step by step process. It requires the fulfillment of all aspects that have been described in this article. A person who adheres to all that has been provided herein will be sure to succeed in any interview that he/she attends.

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