How to Become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

acute care nurse practitioner jobs

Everyone needs a little help. Sometimes even those who assist need assistants to help them out. The medical field is no different. Nurses help the doctors but when it comes to a hospital environment sometimes there are just too many patients and not enough nurses to deal with every little thing At this point you will often find acute care assistant hospitals important.

An acute care assistant job is a nursing assistant that acts under the supervision of a licensed rn nurse to offer the best nursing care.

Your duties will include nutritional support, taking vital signs, EKGS and ambulation. You will assist in patient hygiene, and other patient care activities.

Many times you will be answering patient calls trying to just make sure that they are taken care of and are comfortable. You won’t be able to administer medications but you can alert the nurse to any needs for medication that may arise during your shift.You will be the person that sees the patient most often so having good communication skills is a must. You will also need to have good people skills and enjoy helping others.

How to become an acute care nurse practitioner/nurse assistant

An acute care assistant will need to be a high school graduate. You will also have to have your basic life support (BLS) certification. Many places prefer people who are either taking some nursing courses or emergency medical technician courses. If you haven’t had any of those classes having training as a certified nurse’s assistant will be required. If you have had training in the military some hospitals will accept this instead of education. Here’s a preview of the test to be an acute care nurse practitioner- click here.

It’s important that you get as much similar training and or complete as many related courses as possible because you can be sure that other people applying for the same job that you’ll be applying to will have a lot of experience/training and certification to prove it. Be the best candidate and most prepared candidate when interviewing to be an acute care assistant. This will make the employers job much easier when they make their hiring decisions.

Being an acute care assistant can be a very worthwhile and fulfilling job. You will be able to assist in the care of patients on a daily basis. It is an important part of the healthcare industry.

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