How to Become a Physical Therapist

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The main goal for physical therapists is ??to help people get back on their feet after a long illness, accident or surgery, and it can be a very rewarding job. You are the one there helping them to regain what they once were. There’s not much more rewarding than that.

If you are in any way interested in helping people better themselves, this may just be the perfect job for you. It’s just as rewarding of a career as nursing/rn careers because of the fact that, at the end of the day, you’re there to help people get better.

The relationships that you build is a side bonus. Although there will be very trying times for patients who may become frustrated in learning how to walk and or just plain move again, once you help them mentally and physically, they learn to work with you and trust you more and more, ultimately looking forward to the time they get to spend with you. You become their “savior” so to speak, thus the never ending gratitude they’ll have for you.

Pursuing this type of career you have to be well organized and able to do many different types of activities throughout the course of a day.

You will be responsible for speaking with each patient and finding out what their physical therapy needs are. You will have to be able to read the patient’s chart as well as communicate with their doctor’s office to help in that determination. You will have to implement these treatment programs, if you are a fully certified physical therapist you will be implementing your own programs.

If you are an assistant you will need to be able to work closely with the therapist so that you are certain that their programs are followed closely. Either way you will be responsible for noting progress or lack of progress for each patient.

Physical Therapy can come from a full physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant. With ether position you will need to have a certificate from an accredited training program as well as any state licenses or certifications requires. Most employers also require you to have you CPR certificate.

Physical Therapy can be a trying job. But it’s one you’ll find very satisfying.

How to become a Physical Therapist

To be a Physical Therapist, you must get your master’s or doctoral degree from a physical therapy program that is accredited.

Once you get your degree the next step will be to pass the state-administered national exam, followed by any other state requirements in the state that you will be practicing/working in.

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