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Hesburger’s history dates back to the 1960s and it was founded by Heikki Salmela, the current Chairman of the company, along with his wife Kirsti Salmela, as they established their first fast food kiosk in… Finland (admit it: you weren’t expecting this one). Fast food culture developed fast and strongly in Finland, so the couple opened the first Hesburger restaurant in Turku, in 1980.


The Hesburger chain has been busy for some time now, and it achieved the business goals that were set. With 327 restaurants opened in Finland, the Baltic countries, Russia and Germany, it’s fair to say that the gradual expansion of the company is inevitable, and so far its employees are approximately 5,000 in total.

What’s most amazing is that this company could very well be American to the unknowing eye, since its specialties are fast-food at their prime: hamburgers, French fries, salads, ice-cream, milkshakes, sweet pastries, hot and cold drinks, dips and dressings, wraps… you name it. The company has 12 different hamburgers, the main ‘course’ and core of the business, with some classics like the Double Burger, with 2 beef hamburgers, cheese, onions, pickles and lettuce, the Megaburger, a massive hamburger with 2 beef burgers, tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickles dressed in cucumber and paprika mayonnaises, being these a Hesburger specialty. The company also has some innovations, like the Ruis burger, served in organic rye bread thinking of cholesterol issues, with 1 beef burger, onion rings, salad, pickles, tomato and paprika mayonnaise and also the Falafel Burger, consisting of Falafel meat, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onions and paprika mayonnaise, spreading its wing to oriental cultures, diversifying as much as possible. It also provides a Gluten-free hamburger.

The company serves one Chicken Salad as well, with seasoned chicken, peach halves, egg, cherry tomato and lettuce, as well as a bread roll to go with it and dressed with salad dressing. It also bets heavily on dressings and dips, having 12 different so far, some f them home made and unique, like the cucumber or paprika mayonnaise. There are some ice-creams available, whirled or served in cones, and a gorgeous raspberry filled doughnut covered with glace. Last but not least, the company also provides some pasta dining in some stores.

As for employment, the company is very strict when admitting employees, as that’s part of its culture: the key to Hesburger’s customer satisfaction is an expert, cheerful and prompt staff. The chain offers many employment opportunities for both full and part-time work, as flexible working times allow freedom of choice for employees with different lifestyles. Training and development are continuous in order to offer the employee a good opportunity to succeed in the company, and these are all good reasons to apply and start a career ASAP with Hesburger.

Hesburger Application Online

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