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The Donut King was founded in 1981 is the largest donut chain in Australia and based out of Queensland. They’ve been the “go to” place people looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Since their inception they grew rapidly throughout the country serving delicious treats and specialty beverages for over over 30 yrs.

You can find a Donut King in just about every major shopping center Down Under. They are owned and operated by the Retail Food Group Limited who owns a number of popular food franchises.

What also put them on the map was a much hyped media stunt to celebrated The Simpson’s Movie’s DVD release by constructing the Worlds Largest Donut. To accomplish this feat, it took 40 people over 9 hours to build.

The much ballyhooed donut was constructed from over 90,000 donuts using half a ton of pink icing and over 60 lbs of sprinkles. The final measurement of the gigantic donut was over 6 yards in diameter and weighing over 3 1/2 tons (7,000 pounds).

Donut King jobs include retail employees who will be responsible for making and serving donuts, hot dogs, and drinks, as well as management and corporate positions for the more career oriented people.

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Job benefits at the Donut King depends on your hours will be the same as full time employs on a pro-rata basis depending on hours and of course you’ll get discounts on their goodies which is always great!

They are always on the lookout for the “right” person to join their team. Which means, if you are “sweet”, energetic, vibrant, and love donuts, you’ll fit right in. They believe in great treatment for their employees so if you’re looking for a great positive environment to work in, The Donut King is a great place to start.

Donut King Application Online

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