Certified Medical Coder Jobs

how to become a certified medical coder

Taking the Confusion out of the Charts??

When it comes to the billing aspect of a hospital it’s always a curiosity how those get sent to the insurance in a language everyone will understand. Let’s face it if you go in for a procedure it could be noted one way by one person and understood to be something totally different by another. To avoid confusion like this most hospitals and insurance companies use a coding system.

Certified Medical Coder jobs (or CMC) are in demand to help keep up with this type of work. There are currently thousands of hospitals, health institutions, and general medical practices nationwide that employ Certified Medical Coders.

You need to get your CMC certification. It’s required if you want to work as an official CMC.

When you are a certified medical coder it’s your job to assign sequences and codes to diagnoses and procedures. This assures that there is no confusion between not only the hospital and the insurance companies but it lessens the confusion between departments.

You will be responsible for determining the final diagnoses and procedures as stared by the physician are valid and complete. You will have to use quantitative analysis to review the records to insure that all components are present and accounted for. You will also have to evaluate each record for documentation adequacy and consistency. You also need to review the record to make sure that the final diagnosis and the treatment are consistent.

To be a certified medical coder you will have to have a high school diploma or GED. You will also have to have your certification as a medical coder. You will have to have an advanced knowledge of medical terminology, abbreviations, techniques and procedures. You need to have a working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, major disease process, metric system and pharmacology. This information will be used to help you ensure the charts are consistent.

Certified medical coders will have to take continual education courses to ensure that they are able to keep their certification.

Getting the CMC certification basically “validates your achievement and demonstrates superior knowledge as an advanced coding professional.” It helps you to communicate with improved confidence with physicians, nurses, acute care nurse practitioners, third-party payers, patients and business associates.

Your very presence is absolutely necessary for any medical practice and will help with their financial practices and overall well being.

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