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The company responsible for the super burger “The Whopper” had simple beginnings from it’s well seasoned founders.

Burger King has been around since it was founded in Miami in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton.

The feeling that people get when they eat a Whopper or any other burger at Burger King is that it is “real” meat compared to how they feel about eating a burger at Mcdonalds.

McLamore and Edgerton, both had lots of experience in the restaurant business before partnering up, focused on the concept of providing the customer with affordable quality food, served fresh and quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings.

Their flagship burger “The Whopper” was introduced in 1957 and became a mega hit and was one of the main factors that have helped to increase the Company’s expansion and growth has been the sale of restaurant franchises.

By 1961, McLamore and Edgerton had acquired national franchise rights for the Company, which was then operating 45 restaurants throughout Florida and the Southeast.

Since its humble beginnings more than 50 years ago when a hamburger cost 18¢ and a Whopper sandwich cost 37¢, Burger King Corporation has established restaurants around the world – from Australia to Venezuela.

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In 1967, the Minneapolis-based Pillsbury Company acquired the Company, which then had 8,000 employees working in 274 restaurants.

Employment at Burger King will teach you to be skilled at working as a team player in a solidly built work flow system. Like all successful franchises, job opportunities are in abundance for those who prove themselves.

Burger King corporate careers are also very rewarding with very gracious job benefits for part time positions but for full time career oriented professionals.

Depending on your job position within Burger King, your benefits may include:

– Medical Coverage
– Dental Coverage
– Company-paid Life Insurance
– 401(k) Savings Plan with a 6% company-match

For full-time, salaried employees, benefits may also include:
– Vision Coverage
– Short- and Long-Term Disability Coverage
– Flexible Spending Accounts (Health and Dependent Care)
– Tuition Assistance

This corporation is as well known as Mcdonalds and Starbucks so working for them will give you great experience and help you build a great foundation in working as a team player. This bodes well for you, especially in the long term.

Take advantage of the skills that you will gain while working for the King of Whoppers.

Understand that they have a world class training system and a great employee training program to help you become a world class employee for their corporation.

You will be able to take these job skills everywhere you go and in the future, no matter what career path you choose, you can draw from your experiences from your time at working for Burger King.

Once you get your job interview at Burger King, make sure you bring your “A” game with you. Look sharp. Dress sharp. Talk like a professional. Carry yourself like a business man and woman, regardless of how old you actually are.

Remember, you won’t be the only one applying for the job. There are most likely hundreds or even thousands of people in your neighborhood looking for a job just like you and you have to be able to separate yourself from everybody else. You have to stick out in their minds. Make them want to hire you. Show them that you are the best candidate for the job by being very pleasant to talk to and showing them how great of a team player you are.

Don’t just see this job some guy flipping burgers and operating a deep fryer. Even if that is going to be the case, you must see it as a great opportunity to work for a world class organization and that the training that you will get will be invaluable.

A recent article showed that Starbucks

Burger King online application

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