5 Reasons to Fill Out a McDonald’s Application

fill out a mcdonalds job application

Looking for a job? Need to make good money and get some excellent work experience and job training at the same time? Whether you are looking for part time or full time work there are many reasons to consider McDonald’s as an employer.

Here are the top five reasons to apply at McDonald’s.

1. McDonald’s Careers

The first reason that you should check out McDonald’s is the opportunity for advancement. Always look long term when searching for a job. A lot of companies, fast food included, will go outside the current employee talent pool for things like shift managers and restaurant managers. If there is an opening for either of these positions and someone at that restaurant is qualified and hardworking they will promote that person first. Only if no one is qualified will they search outside the pool to find a suitable match.

2. McDonalds Job Benefits

Another reason to apply at McDonald’s is their benefits package. Aside from being very competitive with their salaries McDonald’s offers something many companies are cutting back on . . . a good benefits package. You can get health, dental and vision insurance with McDonald’s. They also offer vacation time, which increases every time you hit a five year mark, and paid holidays. They also offer a savings plan and profit sharing as well as a credit union and financial planning services. A nice perk they offer their working parents is child care discounts and for those who want to adopt a child they even offer adoption assistance.

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3. McDonald’s Hamburger University

The third reason to apply at McDonald’s is their world class training system that is mandatory for every Mcdonalds employee called Hamburger University. McDonald’s created their famous team systematic approach and by doing so it created a standard that every fast food restaurant has also implemented. When future employers see that you’ve worked at McDonald’s, they know that you’ve been taught how to work effectively in a team oriented environment. Having McDonald’s listed on your job resume is a bonus.

More than 80,000 managers, mid managers, and owner operators have graduated from Hamburger University as well as over 5,000 students every year!.

4. McDonald’s Employment Diversity

McDonald’s prides itself on being very diverse and competitive with their salaries. From the lowly fry cook to the restaurant manager you will find that the pay is equal to or better than many of the competitors in the surrounding area regardless of your ethnicity. McDonalds is one of the most diverse companies in America and you know that you won’t be hired strictly on the color of your skin or your gender. You will be given a fair shake no matter what you are doing.

5. McDonald’s Job Security

The Fifth reason to apply is probably going to be considered among the most important: job security. In today’s economy McDonald’s is one of the few companies that you haven’t heard about shutting its doors to save money. While other businesses are closing franchises and laying off large number of employees McDonald’s isn’t doing that.

You should definitely consider McDonalds in your quest for work as they are always hiring motivated people with great attitudes who are always willing to learn and work as a team player.

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