5 Reasons to Become a Firefighter

how to be a fireman

Hundreds of thousands of firefighters work for our safety everyday. It is a rewarding and active job and it never stops attracting workforce.

If you want to be a fireman, the fastest way to find out everything about this job is to talk a person who is already doing it or who is retired from it.

As educational background, you might need to graduate from a post-secondary school training, in either a technical college or firefighting academy, though, some jurisdictions only require high school diploma.

Still, if you’re interested in firefighter jobs, each state has its specifics regarding this so best source for getting all the details would be your local firehouse.

This way you can maybe get that discussion with an actual fireman done for sure.

1.) Being a Fireman gives you a flexible schedule

The most common type of schedule for firemen are 24 hours on followed by 48 hours off, or 10 to 12 hour shifts for 3 to 4 days in a row, in some jurisdictions.

That’s about  as simple as we can make this. Most firefighters work in patches of hours, then get chunks of time off before working chunks again.

become a firefighter

2.) Firefighters get good job security

Working for the local government is the best place to get the highest job security.

It’s a government job and the government will spare no expense to keep local communities safe and sound.

To make it as a fireman means you beat out a lot of other candidates. That means you’re one of the best from all other applicants that are arguably superior humans beings with great athletic abilities as well, which is needed and useful in this job occupation.

Once you’re “in,” you’re in. So job security is a great incentive when deciding if becoming a firefighter is right for you.

Plus, at its core, you’ll be saving lives so that is priceless and the government recognizes that.

3.) Firefighters stay in good shape

how to be a fireman

At the end of the day, you have to be in great shape and to stay that way.

Keeping in good shape is not really an option for this job. You need it to get your foot in the door and become a firefighter AND you need to keep it up once you are doing this job.

And that is an excellent thing because it will force you to take care of yourself and stay strong which can only be beneficial for your health too.

Consider this job a lot of “heavy lifting.” Just carrying the fire hose is a tough job because of its weight.

4.) Firefighters are a big part of their local community

You will be getting  involved in your community, really. This is not your common workplace. People develop strong relationships in this field and it keeps you part of a something bigger than you.

The locals love you. They neighborhood kids see you as rock stars! They seriously idolize you. And every father in the neighborhood admires your bravery and tough guy image while their wives see you as sexy!

So, do you have what it takes to make it in the yearly fireman calendar that all the single ladies have pinned up in their office cubicles?

5- Firefighters serve a good cause

Not a lot of us can say that we have jobs that serve a humane purpose. But a fireman can and with good grounds.

What better meaning for your life than to put the well-being of others above yours.

This will act as an inspiration and will fuel courage and gratitude in all aspects of your personal life as well.

For more stats on firefighters, go here.

So there you have it! Those are 5 great reasons why you should consider becoming a firefighter.If not for yourself, do it for your country!

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