11 Crazy Fast Food Tattoos

walking billboard fast food tattoos

Here’s a walking fast food billboard! If you’re an owner of one of these local franchises, make sure you thank him for the free advertising the next time you see him!

KFC tattoos

KFC tattoo


Colonel Sanders tattoo


KFC chicken sandwhich tattoo


Mcdonalds Tattoos

If you’re a Golden Arches lover, you’ll definitely appreciate these Mcdonalds tattoos.

Ronald mcdonald naked tattoo

Ever see Ronald Mcdonald without his clothes? Here’s your chance! He’s in pretty great shape considering that he’s surrounded by all that fast food.

fast food logo tattoos


Burger King tatoos

burger king whopper tattoo

Now that’s a great looking Whopper tattoo! So crystal clear and jumps out at you and makes you want to lick your chop!





Betty Boop SUBWAY tattoo

betty boop subway tattoo

Looks closely on Betty Boop. Oops! Boo boo bachoo!

I Love Del Taco tattoo

i love del taco tattoo


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