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Police Careers: How to Become a Policeman

It’s every little boys dream to become a policeman and to put bad guys away. Police officers are respected government officials with an understanding and a desire to uphold the law of

RN Careers: How to Become a Nurse

First, let’s talk about the job description of a nurse You will be performing many numerous tasks. Can you imagine hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior care homes, health centers, etc…without nurses? That is

Job Interview Tips for Teens

As a teenager, it is important to understand that there are minimal differences between teen interviews and interviews that professional candidates take. In that case, learning the essentials and tips that will

Shake Shack Application Online

Talk about success stories. Shake Shack started out as a hot dog cart in 2001, in Madison Square Park in Manhattan, by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group. The cart became an

Smashburger Application Online

Smashburger was founded in 2007 by Tom Ryan. It was originally established in Denver, Colorado and has been labeled as the “most promising company in 2014,” by Forbes. It is a unique

Steak N Shake Application Online

The Steak N Shake restaurant was founded by Gus Belt, in February 1934 in Normal Illinois, USA. Its founder pioneered the concept of premium or “better burgers.” It is a wholly owned

Tim Hortons Application Online

Tim Hortons is the biggest casual fast food chain store in Canada. How big? How about “overtook McDonalds” big? The company was founded in 1964 in Ontario, Canada, by the late ice

Whataburger Application Online

Unlike almost every other fast-food restaurant in the United States, Whataburger isn’t a chain store anymore: it’s a true Americana cultural symbol. Established during the big boom of American drive-ins and fast-food

Hesburger Application Online

Hesburger’s history dates back to the 1960s and it was founded by Heikki Salmela, the current Chairman of the company, along with his wife Kirsti Salmela, as they established their first fast

Green Burrito & Red Burrito Application Online

Red Burrito is an American fast-food restaurant chain run by CKE Restaurants, Inc., and it specializes in fast-food Tex-Mex. This restaurant chain is a younger sibling of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. The